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Human KineticsSamantha WoodPilates for Rehabilitation with Continuing Education Exam 19.0$149/13908/01/201908/31/2020View Details18512399
Human KineticsRael IsacowitzPilates Anatomy 2nd Edition with Continuing Education Exam 18.0$199/18908/01/201908/31/2020View Details18612399
Educate PilatesDav Cohen, MSPTBeyond Core Control: Pilates Exercise and the Muscular Slings 3.075 AUD08/01/201908/31/2020View Details4014909
Educate PilatesDav Cohen, MSPTScience Behind Stretching: Safe and Effective PNF and Facilitated stretching techniques 3.076 AUD08/01/201908/31/2020View Details4114909
Educate PilatesDav Cohen, MSPTScience of Strength - Getting the most out of your muscles with Pilates exercise 3.077 AUD08/01/201908/31/2020View Details4214909
The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI)Glenn WithersPilates & Scoliosis Online 5.0$ 15008/01/201908/31/2020View Details22017171
The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI)Glenn WithersPilates & Hypermobility Online 5.0$ 15008/01/201908/31/2020View Details22117171
Jeannie Di BonJeannie Di BonMovement Strategies for the hypermobile client 3.0£ 9708/01/201908/31/2020View Details22918580
Ilaria CavagnaIlaria CavagnaFEET-NESS ITP 9.0$49908/01/201908/31/2020View Details4317827
Pilates AnytimeBrent AndersonAlignment, Load, and Tempo 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details12521908
Pilates AnytimeCara Reeser and Jeremy LaverdureFreedom of the Shoulders 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details12621908
Pilates AnytimeKaren ClippingerSpine Anatomy and Core Basics 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details12721908
Pilates AnytimeBrent AndersonSitting is the New Smoking 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details12821908
Pilates AnytimeJuan NietoPilates for Runners 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details12921908
Pilates AnytimeBrent AndersonUnderstand the Pelvic Floor 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13021908
Pilates AnytimeMadeline BlackCentered 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13121908
Pilates AnytimeElizabeth Larkam and Thomas MyersFascia-Focused Pilates 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13221908
Pilates AnytimeMariska BrelandWobbly - A Balance Workshop 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13321908
Pilates AnytimeBrent AndersonAdvanced Screening Skills 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13421908
Pilates AnytimeBrent AndersonMyth and Science of Breath 3.0$69 - Member, $99 - Non-Member08/01/201908/31/2020View Details13521908