Online Practice Exam

The online practice exam is designed for those who want an online experience that resembles the actual testing process at the testing centers. This tool is offered for 60 days, it has 60 questions and the fee is $60.
Note: The practice exam is only offered in english.

If you are interested in purchasing the online practice exam, please read the following steps first, then click on the button below "Purchase now" (you will be redirected to the Test Run website):

1) In the Test Run webpage, click "register here" (located near the bottom)
2) Select the only available subscription (60 days) and the only program (NPCP Certification). Then, click “Next”.
3) Fill out the contact information form. Then, click “Next”.
4) Fill out the payment information form. Then, click “Purchase”.
5) After successfully registering your account, you will receive an activation email.


How to Get Certified

From eligibility to receiving your credential; learn all the steps required to take the exam and get certified.
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about the NPCP, including rules, continuing education, how to prepare for the exam, renewal, etc.