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The NPCP certification exam is a 150 item, multiple-choice examination. The exam is administered at testing centers worldwide on a computer (CBT) or online, with virtual proctoring in the comfort of your home or office. Candidates are allowed (3) hours to complete the exam. The NPCP application is online. Accessing the application from a mobile device can cause connectivity issues with scheduling. Use a desktop computer for best results. For details on testing download and read the Candidate Handbook in its entirety.
Please note: The first 100 new exams administered will be reviewed to verify the accuracy of the scoring of the new exam. Candidates testing during this period will experience a delay in obtaining their results.

To start the application you will need to create a login. To create your login, click Start Your Application below. Once you have created your login you will need to provide the following information:

- Your legal name as it appears on official documents
- Your contact information
- Address - City - State or Province - Postal Code
- Contact name and email address of the school or mentor that provided comprehensive training
- School code if applicable

After providing all the necessary information, you will be prompted to make payment. After making payment you will have the option of scheduling your exam. You may choose return to the application to schedule your exam at a later time by clicking the Continue your Application button below, signing in, and clicking Register for this exam at the bottom of the page. It is extremely important that you read the Candidate Handbook provided on the application page in its entirety. Candidates are allowed one year to schedule their exam from date of application submission.

Note: Application fees are nonrefundable.

Rescheduling Exam:
Candidates can reschedule their examinations on-line by going here. Click "Reschedule this Exam" at the bottom of the page, sign in and follow the prompts. Candidates are given one year from the date of application submission to complete their exam.

Reasonable Accommodations:

Reasonable accommodations are provided for candidates who have any sort of impairment e.g. walking, talking, hearing, reading, performing manual tasks, etc.

If you need to request special accommodations, contact us BEFORE scheduling your exam:
[email protected]

Our Test Administration Company:
PSI is the test administration company that provides psychometric consultation, test administration, test scoring, score reporting, and annual exam analysis. Additionally, the company hosts the online application, confirms eligibility, maintains the auditing system for candidate eligibility verification and maintains a candidate history file with all relevant materials, as well as secure database containing candidate pass/fail information, retake information and payment records.

For updates on closures and reopening of testing site updates, go to PSI website

You will be redirected to a website with more information before you apply.

Study Materials

The NPCP has developed useful tools to help candidates to prepare for the exam.
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about the NPCP, including rules, continuing education, how to prepare for the exam, renewal, etc.