Find CECs

Continuing education that advances knowledge, skills, and abilities, supports the Pilates professional in providing safe and effective instruction.

Continuing education is required for NCPT certification renewal. By earning your CECs and keeping your certification active, you show your commitment to your career and clients.

To keep your NCPT status current, you must earn 16 NPCP-approved CECs every two years and submit the Certification Renewal Application.

NOTE: Certificants that attend non-approved workshops may petition to have those hours approved, as long as the workshop falls within the Scope of Practice of a Pilates professional.

Petitions must be submitted after Renewal Application and fee payment is completed. To submit a petition, Certificants must complete a Petition Applicationalong with the Certificate of CompletionWorkshop Description, and Instructor's CV/Resume, and pay the $25.00 non-refundable fee per certificate presented.

To verify that the workshop is eligible for petitioning before submission, please contact the Continuing Education Department.

** Distance learning (prerecorded video, reading material, podcast, or self-study) workshops cannot be petitioned.

Click here to access
 the Petition Application and follow all the instructions on the form.